About Pete

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About Pete

Pete Bucknell is a diver, teacher, film maker, writer and public speaker.
He teaches diving and underwater video in Barcelona, and travels the world as a cameraman, speaker and instructor.

Dive Qualifications
Trained in Israel, in Australia, Mexico and the USA, Pete is closed circuit rebreather diver qualified for cave, wreck and trimix with experience shooting deep wrecks in the cold waters off the North-East coast of America, Florida and Mexican caves, and big animals.
His sensitivity as a teacher and special ability to work with students of all ages stems from his years as a University Music Professor.

He travels with clients as an instructor facilitating training and guidance along with videography.
Pete wrote a
GoPro Underwater Videographer course for PADI and teaches it on dive trips.

He wrote the
Underwater GoPro Book to help divers get the most out of their GoPro cameras, with chapters on settings, safety, shooting techniques, lighting and workflow.

Journalist: Pete has written for:
  • Xray Magazine: see page 86: Free download
  • DiveMedic Magazine
  • B&H's Explora Magazine: Link
  • Adventure Diver Magazine Download
  • One Breath Magazine article
  • The New York Post

Public Speaker
Pete presents films, workshops and seminars on a variety of subjects, including the GoPro, and Film Making.
Feel free to
contact to discuss.

Dive Equipment
  • rEvo rebreather
  • stealth sidemount
  • back mounted doubles
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Here's one of Pete's latest films, a cave diving expedition shot for GoPro: