Video Lights

Scuba Dive Video worldwide with Pete Bucknell


Lights are very very important for underwater video.
The Best Video Lights
by the Underwater Light Dude

If you want the very best, these lights are made by the highly respected
Underwater Light Dude.
They are more expensive, but when you turn them on, you WILL know where that extra money went.
I personally use and recommend the
LD100V 10,000 lumen lights.
Here's why:
  • 10,000 Lumens each light
  • 5 power levels
  • 120 degree beam angle on land
  • Longer Burn Times than I've ever had
  • 1″ Ball Arm Mounting System
  • Compact size and weight (Mini: length 7.6″; diameter 2.6″)
  • LED over heat protection, can be used on low out of the water
  • Battery over charge, discharge, short circuit, and over current protection
  • 600ft depth rating
  • Head Directly Attaches to Battery

Email Pete before you order if you
are interested in these lights (start at around US$1995) :

Budget Video Lights
by Techdivegear

If you are on a budget, these lights will do the job.
They are around $350 each and brightness is around the 3200 lumen mark.
I have a few of them and use them regularly.
Here's why:
  • 3200 Lumens
  • 3 power levels + focused dive light
  • removable battery, easy to buy cheap spares
  • simple push button operation
  • very small in size
  • good burn time
  • easy mobile charging through usb

Email Pete before you order
if you are interested in these lights: