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13/ Air consumption

Your air consumption will improve as your become more experienced. There are a few things you can do to improve your consumption, but first:


Check your fill
  • People who fill your tank may be busy, new, lazy...
  • Do you have a full 3000 psi (200 bar)?
  • If it’s noticeably low (2500 or less) , point it out to the person in charge.
Check that your tank is turned on:
-four breaths on your regulator while watching the pressure gauge:
the needle should not move, if it does, your tank is not turned on fully.
the numbers on a digital gauge should change a bit, but not a lot.

-Monitor your pressure gauge constantly
-Relax; breath ‘normally’, with slow deep breaths
-Correct weight and good buoyancy will improve consumption
-Your kick should be an efficient, ‘aerodynamic’ movement
-Make sure your buddy knows approximately how much gas you have left
-Shallower depths allow for better gas consumption. It's Physics!

There is no excuse for running out of air underwater.
-Be on the boat/shore with at least 500 psi left in your tank (800 psi better)
    *500psi will come in handy if you or another diver has a problem
    *Never breath a tank down to zero
-In general, deeper = faster consumption

How much gas are you going through?
If you realize early on that you are a gas guzzler, don't fret. Sometimes it's just a body type thing.
There are some steps you can take, however:
  1. In general, the more relaxed your body and mind are while diving, the less oxygen you will require.
  2. Keep excessive movement to a minimum: use your fins to 'latch into the water without losing traction by moving them too fast', and you don't need to use your arms or hands.
  3. Keep yourself in good trim, minimizing your profile that meets the resistance of the water.
  4. Get yourself weighted correctly (read the tips on correct weighting)
  5. A yoga class can teach you how to breath from the diaphragm if you don't get it yet.
  6. Move slowly through the water, and let yourself glide between kicks.
  7. Dive more! Your consumption rate will go down bit by bit.
  8. Get fit.
  9. To reiterate, don't fret, this is recreational!