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7/ Descent

Here's an acronym for descents: "ROSE"
  • Regulator in (not your snorkel)
  • Orient yourself: where’s the boat, the reef, the shore, buddy
  • Signal your buddy: ‘OK?’ + thumb down
  • Equalize
    • let air out of your BC until you sink (if you still have air in your BC, you may be overweighted)
    • relax and exhale
    • don’t kick, just relax
    • add air as you descend
    • try to descend in 'sky-diver position', horizontal
Descend slowly, with your buddy
-don’t sink like a stone in an uncontrolled manner
-stay almost neutral, just negative enough to sink in a controlled manner
    -for the sake of your ears, slow!
    -keep control of your descent by adding short  puffs of air to BC
    -keep regular eye contact with your buddy, watch for problems and hand signals

Use the anchor line if there is one
    -maintain a loose grip, buoyancy: almost neutral
    -overlap your thumb and fingers, making the OK sign around the anchor line
    -keep your inflator hose in your left hand to add air as you descend

Add air to your BC
    -as the air in your BC is compressed and your wetsuit compresses, you must add air to keep the same volume

Watch your depth gauge, don’t exceed your planned depth
Give yourself space, look up, down and around
    -not on top of anyone
    -not too close to anyone     -not below anyone
    -don’t hit the bottom,
    -give a puff of air or two to your BC to become neutrally buoyant

Check your tank pressure at your maximum depth
Relax, this is fun!
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