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6/ Equalizing ears

    -It may mean you are holding your breath = lung over-expansion

On Descent: Equalize gently before you need to (not after )
• begin on the surface a little bit if you are prone to problems
• be gentle, equalize without blowing hard. Go easy on your ears

Do it often, do it early:
• as you descend, equalize in small increments

Descend slowly
• your ears are delicate, don’t shock them!
• try other less violent methods: move your jaw etc

If you have a problem, stop
• inform your buddy (they should be keeping an eye on you)
• ascend slowly a few feet, stop, try equalizing (and repeat )
• Upright position is easiest on your ears
• NEVER equalize while ascending
• start your descent again, don’t rush to catch up

As you gain experience, you will find equalizing easy and natural, and may not have to block your nose to alter the pressure behind your eardrum, it can be done with the jaw, the tongue, the soft palate etc

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