Dive Tips

Scuba Dive Training worldwide with Pete Bucknell

9/ Safety stop

Recreational dives do involve decompression
  • as you ascend, Nitrogen needs to come out of your body

3 minutes at 15 ft / 5 Meters is the minimum time, why not do 5?
    -don’t take off to the surface after 3 minutes, ascend
1 foot every 6 seconds from the safety stop.
    -signal your buddy to hang around a couple more minutes
    -look around, sometimes the best stuff happens at 15 ft

Hold the rope if there is one
    -it might be crowded, so wait your turn before ascending to 15 ft
    -you should be neutrally buoyant, so a loose grip is enough
    -look up, down and around, stay aware of other divers

If there is no rope, use your computer and visual references
    -stay at the same depth with your buddy
    -use rock wall, reef, as a visual reference

When you decide to end your safety stop:
    -ascend to the surface very slowly (6 seconds per foot)
(this is where pressure change is greatest)
    -breath normally, keep your air passage open

Your safety stop continues on the boat

    -relax between dives, your body is off-gassing nitrogen so rest and hydrate!

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