Dive Tips

Scuba Dive Training worldwide with Pete Bucknell

10/ Surfacing Safely

Surface very carefully, always keeping airway open, no equalizing.
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When you reach the surface:
  • inflate your BC on the surface: you need to float, no matter what happens
  • keep your mask on your face, never on your forehead
    • keep regulator in your mouth, you never know what can happen
    • be prepared to dump your weights if necessary
    • only when you are confident that you are safe, signal the OK sign:
      • be prepared to rescue your buddy, keep observing

      Keep your mask and reg in place until you are on the boat or land
          -you need to be able to breath and see if something happens
          -chit chat only when you are out of the water and out of harm’s way

      Stay away from the boat ladder until it is clear
          -divers often fall from the ladder, you shouldn’t be under them
      -weight belts can fall off divers on the ladder, don’t be under them

      You might need your fins on if there is a current
      • climb the ladder with your fins on if this is the case and the ladder allows it
      • best never to relinquish our fins, keep them on your wrists
        • you may need fins for rescue, self rescue etc
      • climb one step at a time, watch your head as you get in the boat
      • reg and mask still in place in case of falling back into the water

      Get your gear out of the way before you start chatting
          (especially if you are on a boat)

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