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17/ Technical Diving

Technical Dive Training was something that many of my local dive friends and I sought out as a matter of necessity.

Many of the wrecks off the coast of New York and New Jersey are at depths that are within the recreational 130 foot limit. Diving to these depths allows only very short bottom times as the uptake of Nitrogen happens quickly once you are under several atmospheres of pressure. 12 minutes on a wreck... what's the point? What to do?

Technical diving involves the use of decompression gasses which speed up the process of decompression during the stops that become necessary when we stay longer at depth. A series of Tech Dive Courses will get you trained in the theory and procedures for this kind of diving, while practicing with the extra equipment that comes with technical diving.

A typical Tech Diving training program might look something like this:

  • Intro to Tech (Changing mind-set and getting a feel for some of the gear)
  • Advanced Nitrox (The use of up to 100% Oxygen)
  • Decompression Procedures (planning and executing decompression dives)
  • Advanced Wreck (navigation, no-visibility, advanced emergency procedures)

Getting comfortable with drysuit and double tanks and carrying the extra equipment can take a diver many training dives.
Expect the training to be challenging, and do lots of extra reading and practice on the side.