Dive Tips

Scuba Dive Training worldwide with Pete Bucknell

3/ Basic equipment purchase

Purchases for before your certification:
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Talk to your shop about what you need for class.
Don't go to the department store and buy crap trying to save a few bucks.

Purchases to make fairly soon after your certifications:
  • Computer: renting computers can be tedious, reading manuals every time...
  • Regulators (1st stage, 2nd stage, Octopus, Gauges )
  • BC: jacket style or back-inflate (wing)
  • Wetsuit: full length, 5mm is a good all-rounder.

  • Warranties and servicing are very important for some Dive Gear

Test any new equipment on land, and in the pool or confined water
Try before you buy opportunities are out there so make the most!