Dive Tips

Scuba Dive Training worldwide with Pete Bucknell

1/ Training

COURSES: These 3 are a must:Read more>

2/ Joining a Community

Why join a community of divers?Read more>

3/ Basic equipment purchase

What equipment should a new diver buy?Read more>

4/ Gaining experience

Get acquainted with your skills and equipment:Read more>

5/ Practice skills

Don’t let your new skills get stale:Read more>

6/ Equalizing ears

The dangers of pressure on the ears:Read more>

7/ Descent

Best practices for beginners:Read more>

8/ Ascent

Ascent is where danger lies:Read more>

9/ Safety stop

All dives are decompresssion divesRead more>

10/ Surfacing Safely

You’re not safe until:Read more>

11/ Weights

Weight yourself correctly. Ask for help:Read more>

12/ Buoyancy control

Become a better and safer diver:Read more>

13/ Air consumption

Check your air, and breath your air. But how?Read more>

14/ Underwater propulsion

Propelling yourself:Read more>

15/ Underwater mobility

Stuff you should work on:Read more>

16/ Advanced Training

Improving as a diverRead more>

17/ Technical Diving

Stay at Depth for longerRead more>

18/ Rebreather Diving

RebreathersRead more>