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North Carolina Wreck Diving

Recreational Wrecks in North Carolina

If you have some
boat dives under your belt and you would like to sample some wreck diving on the East Coast of America, North Carolina is worth a trip. Call ahead and discuss your experience level with the dive operation. Much of the diving is beyond the depth limit of newly certified 'open water divers'. All of the sites I dived were over 70 feet deep, some at 120.

Be aware that the weather is in charge at all times. When I was there, I dived every day for 7 days, but this is not par for the course. Most divers will experience the wrath of mother nature in some form, usually wind and waves. Just feel lucky if you only lose a day, and not multiple days to 7 foot waves.

I went with the Dive Operation :
Discovery Diving. I recommend them highly, though have not tried Olympus, which is down the road.

Terry Leonard is an experienced Captain and you can trust his knowledge of the weather and the water. He's had countless dives on all of the wrecks, so listen to the briefings and don't be afraid to ask questions.

If you dive Nitrox, you can expect 30%, but make sure to check your tank pressure before the tank goes on the trolley to the boat. Fill pressures varied somewhat during the week I was there, but they topped up any low tanks when asked, so it was never a problem.

There are
plenty of wrecks to choose from. The U-boat (U-352) is worth at least one dive and don't miss the USS AEOLUS which lies in 110 feet of water with an abundance of Sand Tiger Sharks who will swim nonchalantly around you.

What to Bring:
  • Water temperature varies so check the averages for the period
  • Gloves are useful on wrecks, I use $5 gardening gloves
  • Lunch and Soda, icebox is provided
  • Scuba Gear if you have it, or money to rent anything you need
  • Sea Sickness Remedies that work for YOU!