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Blue Life : Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Blue Life is a boutique diving operation that provides training and guiding for new and experienced divers visiting Playa del Carmen in Mexico.
Fly in to Cancun, shuttle to Playa.

You can arrange to be picked up at your accommodation, and taken by
Blue Life staff to the dive site, whether it be cenote diving or ocean diving. Tanks and equipment can be provided for you if you don't bring any. Do bring your mask and boots though if you have them.

Training ranges from complete basic training all the way through to advanced side mount cave diving. Frank Gutierrez is a very highly qualified instructor and explorer who is equipped with the teaching skills and diving finesse that will prove invaluable to any student. It's a highly personalized operation, so what ever you have in mind, don't be afraid to ask. Anything's possible.

I took the full cave course and was inspired, challenged and... I had a ball. Can't wait to go back.

Here's some video featuring Bluelife

cave face

Be wary of doing this kind of training with 'just anyone'. Go with a reputable operation such as Blue Life, even if they can be beaten on price by other operations. It's worth a few extra bucks to ensure your safety and quality of training.

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