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Great Barrier Reef: Spirit of Freedom Live-Aboard

A review of the Spirit of Freedom Live-Aboard on the Great Barrier Reef: awesome!
When I told locals in Cairns that I was going out on the Spirit of Freedom, the response was always:
“Wow, oh you are so lucky... how long are you going out?  7 DAYS ! Oh my GOD..”

When I boarded, and service began, I understood what they were all raving about.
A beautiful boat, spacious and modern, with a fun and busy crew.

I was in a ‘quad room’ so it was cheaper (but you risk a room of snorers ). The singles and doubles are beautiful and worth the extra money if that kind of comfort is important to you.
Nitrox for the whole week was nice, and a reasonably priced add-on. Guides accompanied us on every dive, but there was a ‘spirit of freedom’ (sorry ) about the diving, and we really ventured off on our own most of the time. We managed about 5 dives a day, and food between dives was plentiful and excellent fare.
“White-Board style” dive briefings with site maps, current reports and ‘critters to look for’ were given for every dive. The crew kept a good sign-in sheet with maximum depth and ‘end-gas reading’ so no diver left behind with this boat!

We were joined at the midway point by passengers who wanted to get out to the
Osprey Reef during the last 4 days on the Coral Sea, which is further out from the Coast. They flew in on a low altitude puddle jumper (and replaced the departing divers who wanted the ‘Cod Hole’ dive earlier in the week, but not the full 7 days ).

I highly recommend this boat. Do some research about seasonal weather patterns and critter migration dates before you book.
Here's a look at the Cod Feed: